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Les États Unis – nous sommes avec Nice et la France.



We will be instituting a new feature on our website, showing links to recent news about our clients.  The first link, below, features our client Water Planet, a water technology company funded by Kevin Costner, Bluestem Ventures and Air Liquide.  The story on a Bakersfield CBS affiliate is about Water Planet’s work cleaning dirty water produced in California oil and gas drilling so that it can be recycled for use in agriculture.  Not mentioned specifically in the news clip, Water Planet has a couple of very significant innovations – a software based filtration optimization system (Intelliflux™) and a novel membrane material with special properties (PolyCera®).

Pilot project: oil waste water cleaned for agriculture use


Steve Rothman will be giving a talk at UCLA on December 9th, 2013 as part of the UCLA OIP Lunch-N-Learn Seminar. Steve will be presenting on topics related to start-up cap tables, equity distribution among founders and early stage valuations.

A copy of the slides to be used during the presentation is available here.

Please contact Rothman and Company if you are interested in learning more about early stage valuation and how we can assist you with start-up formation.


Rothman and Company has published a video providing an overview of strategic financing and how it can be useful to start-up companies.

Please contact Rothman and Company if you are interested in learning more about the role of strategic financing in growing your start-up.

Stephen Rothman of Rothman and Company has recently presented on the topic of strategic partnerships for start-up companies.


The presentation covered topics such as control of the joint venture, allocation of intellectual property rights and advice on how to negotiate a strategic partnership agreement.


A copy of the slides used in the presentation is available here. banking . .

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