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CLIENT NEWS : PolyCera Membranes Redefine “Robustness”

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PolyCera Membranes Redefine “Robustness”

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Polycera Titan™ and Hydro™ 

Water Planet’s breakthrough PolyCera membranes were developed to extend the range of polymeric membrane filtration by delivering consistent and reliable performance even under the most extreme conditions. PolyCera has been proven to lower operating costs and improve system efficiency far better than conventional membranes.

Our PolyCera Titan™ and Hydro™ product lines are ideal for a variety of applications and are available in Water Planet’s proprietary Spiral Monolith™ element configuration.


  • Superior hydrophilic membrane material
  • Fouling-resistant and easy to clean
  • Extreme pH, temperature and oxidant stability
  • High tolerance for solids, COD/BOD, and other solvents
  • Less expensive than traditional ceramic membranes

Contact Water Planet today to find out how PolyCera membranes can enable you to address even the most challenging water.