With nearly three decades of experience, Rothman and Company, P.A. is ideally suited to help entrepreneur-scientists start and grow newly formed companies. Often our clients are starting companies based on research developed in university, government and research institute labs. With our unique expertise we provide our clients with invaluable insight into the technology start-up process.

Rothman and Company assists entrepreneurs in the formation of corporations and LLCs, in negotiating with technology transfer offices in order to license to university or government owned intellectual property and in raising money through venture capital, angel and debt financings. We have an intimate knowledge of the technology transfer process and are able to provide invaluable assistance at this early stage of growth.

Once a company has been formed we are able to assist with a variety of legal services necessary to run a technology start-up company including: the creation of employment agreements, implementing stock option plans and drafting contracts for the sale of goods or services.

In addition, Rothman and Company has represented clients in over 100 business acquisitions and mergers, including traditional mergers and acquisitions, strategic acquisitions and joint ventures.

Rothman and Company has the experience to help academic entrepreneurs start companies based on their research and the knowledge to help them grow their companies into successful businesses.