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IntelliFlux Controls Introduces New Reporting Toolkit for Automated Plant Performance - Rothman & Company, P.A.

IntelliFlux Controls has launched its brand new web based reporting and decision support toolkit. This toolkit provides plant engineers and operators the ability to access plant performance information from anywhere, anytime. It also makes report generation a matter of “two clicks”.

IntelliFlux remote monitiroing and reporting toolkit is an addition to the core automation platform of Intelliflux. The web component can generate reports in many pre-defined configurations that can be customized to each plant, and every need. The reporting toolkit can also be configured to automatically generate and disseminate reports according to a pre-defined schedule (daily, weekly, monthly). Engineers, managers, and operators can customize the reports from the web-based interface. The flexibility of monitoring and reporting plant performance KPIs from anywhere, and anytime makes IntelliFlux reporting tool an extremely powerful decision support tool.

“At IntelliFlux, our goal is to provide the engineers and operators freedom to monitor the performance of a plant from anywhere, anytime. The reporting tool simplifies one of the tasks of an operator or plant engineer dramatically, the task of collating historical data, and converting them into reports for management, operations, corporate, and even regulatory authorities. IntelliFlux reporting tool is designed to automate this process, so that the operations teams can focus on analyzing the results, instead of devoting time on generating them.”

– Matt McCallum, Director of Software Engineering