PolyCera is bringing its customers around the globe the most advanced membrane filtration solutions. Our robust UF and NF organic metal membranes deliver the highest quality performance with unrivaled reliability, even under the most challenging applications and at the lowest cost-of-life ownership. Watch what our customers have to say about the powerful capabilities of PolyCera’s Hydro and Titan membrane product lines.


 On this page of our website, we show links to news about our clients.  The first link, below, features our client Water Planet, a water technology company funded by Kevin Costner, Bluestem Ventures and Air Liquide.  The story on a Bakersfield CBS affiliate is about Water Planet’s work cleaning dirty water produced in California oil and gas drilling so that it can be recycled for use in agriculture.  Not mentioned specifically in the news clip, Water Planet has a couple of very significant innovations – a software based filtration optimization system (Intelliflux™) and a novel membrane material with special properties (PolyCera®).

Pilot project: oil waste water cleaned for agriculture use


Stephen Rothman recently hosted a panel discussion at the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at UCLA. The panel was comprised of Mr. Rothman, Anurag Bist, the founder and CEO of Moxair and Ashmar, and Alfred E. Osborne, the Senior Associate Dean of UCLA Anderson School of Management. Videos of the panel are available at the CNSI website here.