What are they? Why to have one?

  • Examples of Provisions
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Equity Shares and Vesting
  • Cash Contributions and / or Requirements
  • Decision Making, Board of Directors / Managers, Scope of Authority, Supermajority Issues
  • Intellectual Property Assignment
  • Confidentiality
  • Competition
  • Vision for Company
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Amendment

Stephen Rothman will be presenting a webinar with Technology Transfer Tactics entitled: Drafting Win-Win Start-Up Licenses: An Interactive Workshop. The workshop will cover a range of issues involved in licensing university technologies to university start-ups. banking The 90-minute workshop will cover topics including entity formation, venture capital and angel financing, the use of equity in university start-up companies, licensing intellectual property and negotiating with the technology transfer office. CLE and CLP credits are available.

Attendees may register through Technology Transfer Tactics for a fee of $197. For more information please visit Technology Transfer Tactics.

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